Permanent Make-up

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
Who Benefits ...
Almost any woman regardless of her age
Women wanting to improve/correct asymmetrical eyebrows
Women who want to feel beauriful and confindent 24/7
Women who detest it when their eyebrows streak or rub off
Sporty people
People with eyesight issues
Women that have sentsitive skin and are sensitive to make-up
Women who are tired of pencilling their eyebrows every day
Semi-permananet eyebrow treatments are not exclusive to women and men also benefit from these techniques

In short, almost anyone can look better, younger and prettier with beautifully shaped eyebrows which has become Priti's signature treatment.

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Thank you so much for my wonderful eyebrows. So many people have complimented me and say it makes me look at least 5 years younger, I certainly feel it! Ms Peggy

Permanent Makeup for Lip Liners and Lip Tints
Lips are just as important as eyebrows. Recently, applying lip liner has lost its touch among the crowds and now the trend has started to range towards having a perfectly shaped mouth that looks natural with a subtle flush of color. This looks stunning and can greatly enhance the appearance of the lower part of the face exhibiting incredible results.

Give volume and fullness to a women's lips
Restores the youthfull definition to fading lips
Gives the smile back and turns back the biological clock
Balances the lips with its flush of color and lifts the complexion
Literally *Gloss and Go*

Cost: Call

This is fantastic – absolutely fabulous – love it. It’s just so uplifting to wake up and look great every morning and know I look my best even when working out in the gym. Also when I do go out to functions in the evening, my nighttime make up seems to stay in place perfectly. Jeanie D

Permanent Makeup Eye liner
Ever heard the phrase, Eyes are the window to the soul?. Eyes deeply reflect our sense of arousal, attraction, interest, and how we feel about ourselves and others. With permanent eye liner, the eyes can be further enhanced with an almond colored eyeliner, which can bring about a deeper and more seductive look. Stunning special effects can be added with different variations such as using two colors and/or a pearl highlighter.

Who Benefits ...
★ Every woman who wants her eyes to not look ordinary and almost invisible in their subtle beauty without the use of make up
★ Women who do not want to wear eyeliner everyday
★ Women who want a smudge and water proof eyeliner so that their eyes look perfectly shaped
★ For eyes that are inclined to water in certain conditions such as windy weather, cold weather, bright light, etc.

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A big thank you for the fantastic work you have done. They look very natural and they have exactly the shape I wanted. Thank also for giving me back my confidance, I feel more complete as a woman now. I don’t have to struggle every morning with my pencil anymore and I can just enjoy being myself in my every day life. Jessica Wei

Permanent Makeup for Beauty Spot or Freckles A sensual beauty spot above the lip, high on the cheek, or just above the breast – seductive for those who dare to be bold enough! Freckles can provide a smattering of sun kisses which look simply cute and pretty

Who Benefits ...
Anyone who wants one!

Cost: Call

The first time you phoned me to ask me about permanent make up I felt your incredible energy and over the years you have given me a face that I'm so happy with and gives me total confidence.” Sangita Sabarwal

★ When Booking 3 treatments receive 10% Discount

Maintaining your Permanent Makeup Priti recommends a periodic color boost to keep your makeup absolutely perfect. It is still incredible considering that most other beauty or hair treatments need regular attention whereas this is so easy and convenient.

Paramedical and Reconstructive Permanent Makeup Scar Camouflage:Conceal unsightly scars with permanent makeup
Vitiligo:Repigmentation to re-colour areas which have lost natural colour
I recommend Priti, She is one of the safest and most competent cosmetic professionals that I have had the pleasure of working alongside. Her work is artistic but careful and her results complementary and natural. I trust her work and expertise.

Permanent Makeup Removal Procedures (Correction and Lightening)