These are my reviews from Yelp at my business location in San Francisco. Due to corporate greed, I lost my lease and had to move my business to Dublin. Yelp does not carry over the reviews if one changes the location.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers
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Jan 15th 2013

Priti changed my skin. I have never stuck to one person or one facialist, ever.
At first, I just went in for brows on the recommendation of a friend. I took one look at my perfectly shaped brows and liked them so much I booked a facial.
3-4 facials later, my skin looks like a different person's skin. Priti has given me phenomenal facials, customizing every time for what I need. She edited down my skin care routine to something quick and efficient and EFFECTIVE - I went from using a hot mess of skin creams and face washes that were no good for me... to one serum, one eye cream, one face wash, and one acne cream as needed. This is her own amazing skin care line that she's developed, and its prices are killer.
My goal is flawless skin with no makeup, and thanks to Priti, I'm almost there! She is smart, warm, and competent.
See you this afternoon Priti!!

Alex K, Burlinghame CA

May 4th, 2012

Priti (what a fitting name! sounds like pretty!)
I had the pleasure of getting my brows cleaned up today by Priti when some asian girl kidnapped me from off the street and brought me into a gallery on kearny/post. she basically convinced me to vote on some artworks in exchange for a free eyebrow thread/wax.
Priti was quick, nice, and thorough. Tipped her $5 and went on my merry way
Tina. A ...Dublin California CA

Jun 30th, 2011

I'm new to the world of threading, so I may not be the best person to distinguish a great place from a terrible place... but Palasa was definitely better than the one other place I tried. She was faster and more thorough. I got my *cough* chin & lip *cough* threaded and there is not a single hair left. I'm not gonna lie, it hurt like a mother, but it was over fast. I will be going back!
Lyndsey R...Dublin California CA

Aug 28th, 2010

I started going to Priti to get my eyebrows threaded and she does an exceptional job. She can either clean them up or arch them per your instructions. She did such a good job with my brows that I started venturing into her facials and waxing. She gives the best facials! A session of total relaxation and her massages are amazing. My skin is now clear of blemishes and it actually glows. I haven't had skin like this since my early 20s. She also gives me really good waxes that turn out very smooth with no kind of irritation. I see Priti for my whole body it seems and I put all my trust in her to help me get beautified :) I used to go to a certain person for my brows, another person for waxes and another place for facials but I can now come to Priti for all of the above which is so convenient. Her prices are reasonable, she's very knowledgeable, her space is immaculate and she genuinely cares about her customers. I'm so glad a friend of mine referred me to her!
Michelle N...San Francisco...CA

Aug 13th, 2010
I have just experienced the "BEST AND MOST METICULOUS" threading experience out of four "THREADING SALONS" in Dublin California and Marin. Priti is a "Professional" in this area and knows every skin type. She also has expertise with problem and sensitive skin. I had my entire face and neck done along with my brows. Priti makes this process painless and instantly gratifying... (along with a great sense of humor)...I was laughing through most of it...I have dealt with blonde facial hair for most of my life and have spent thousands on laser treatments, electrolysis and waxing over the years and have never had this satisfaction. I will always have a standing appointment with Priti! THE BEST!
Maria G...Dublin California CA

July 12th, 2010
I've been coming to Priti ever since I moved to the city 6 months ago I am consistently pleased with the work she does. She takes her time, listens to all my concerns, and bends over backwards to accommodate my schedule. I really appreciate the intimacy of her smaller opposed to the larger, bustling salons where everyone pretends they're your best friend the moment you walk in. Emily S...Dublin California CA

Mar 19th, 2010
Walked-in today during my lunch break for an eyebrow threading. She was pleasant and the procedure was quick and almost painless. She also removed ALL the hairs below the brows unlike the kiosk I went to in the Stonestown Mall in SF where I kept pointing out the tiny hairs that were missed. Unlike the other reviewer, I did not think my eyebrows were too thin. The best thing of course is the price which is a steal at $9.00!!! Will definitely return! Johanna W...San Francisco...CA

Mar 12th, 2010
Fantastic experience. The right balance of relaxation (massage) with very helpful advice on how to improve my skin. And very reasonably priced! Highly recommended. Alice D...Dublin California CA

Feb 9th, 2010
I've been getting my eyebrows done since the young age of 11 (I had a uni-brow that just had to go!) And as you can imagine, I have had some good and plenty of BAD experiences with getting my brows shaped. My skin is pretty sensitive and a few years ago I decided to try out threading, and thought it was a lot more accommodating for my skin.
A few months prior to visiting Palasa Esthetique, I had experienced one of the worst eyebrow threadings EVER which left me with a bald spot. So I had been growing them out for quite a while due to this experience. Today, on my lunch break, I headed to Palasa eager to see what could be done for me here.
Priti was very kind and personable. She made me feel very comfortable, relaxed, and confident in what she was going to do with my brows. She took a before and after pic, we discussed specific issues that I've had with my brows in the past, and she then measured them - the most detail oriented brow job Ive ever had! & well worth the price. I also got my lip threaded as well, which i dread. She was able to numb it which eased the pain a bit.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I'm happy to have FINALLY found a place that I can come back to and know that my brows will be well cared for. Priti's attentivesnes and kindness added a lot to the experience as well. Not to mention theconvenient location. Kaitlyn R...Dublin California CA

Jan 29th, 2010
Since I started graduate school, I've aged. It was 2 years since my last facial. In one hour Priti had my skin feeling vibrant, clean and incredibly refreshed. The products she uses are so incredibly luxurious that I can't wait until I start making money again to spend it on skincare. Priti is all about relaxation during her facials. In addition to work on my face, she massages the arms, feet and shoulders. Amazing! Unfortunately, I since I am lacking in funds, it will be a while until i can pay for another facial. Sigh. But when I do, I'm coming back to Palasa Esthetique! Judy L...San Francisco... CA

Jan 17th, 2010
I had my first facial in about 3 years this last saturday and must say I don't think my skin has ever looked or felt better. Priti is wonderful. She knows her stuff, is professional and very meticulous. My favorite part though had to be the neck, hand and foot massage. I didn't want to get up off the table after that. I also had my entire face threaded, which I'd never done before, and I love the way she made my eyebrows look. I am already booked for next months facial and threading. Also, she is very flexible with working around your schedule, which is a plus. Cindy G...Alameda...CA

Jan 15th, 2010
This place is great. My friend and I booked an appointment during our lunch hour and Priti was happy to take us. I was not sure what to expect when I walked in but I was pleasantly surprised. My friend got threading done and looked great after and I got a brazilian wax done...and looked great after as well ha. Priti was very polite and gentle and my friend and I left very happy. I'm even going back tomorrow for a facial! Needless to say, I'm sold. Too bad I don't live around here, I would love to make this place part of my routine!
Michelle F... Duarte CA

Jan 6th, 2010
Amazing!!! It was my first time getting my eyebrows threaded. I usually wax them but hate how it makes me breakout. She did a great job at listening to the shape I wanted. It was not painful at all. She also was able to fit in my mother who after seeing my eyebrows had to try it. She was very nice and professional. She went to an aesthetics school at an Aveda Institute and has been threading since she was in her teens. Basically she knows her stuff. The location was easy to find.
I got the holiday special but will be going back for sure!
Mo R...San Francisco...CA

Jan 1st, 2010
I came in for an eyebrow threading service and boy am I in love with this place! Great location in Union Square close to the Powell Bart/ Muni exit. I was able to book an appointment on the same day. Priti is professional and provided exceptional service. $15 for eyebrow threading is a steal in the Dublin California where they normally charge much much more. Thank you fellow Yelpers for identifying Palasa Estetique
Kathy L...San Francisco...CA

Dec 23rd, 2009
If your eyebrows need some major help and you prefer threading over waxing, come to this place. I made my appointment through e-mail on Sunday evening. I was not expecting a response until Monday. I was surprised when Priti quickly responded within 30 minutes from when I first sent the e-mail.
Her office was pretty easy to find. The salon is pretty intimate, bright, and clean. For eyebrow and upper lip service together it was $14. Highly reasonable price for threading service especially in this city.
Trinky V...San Francisco...CA

Dec 22nd, 2009
Now I have three places for eyebrow threading. And its hard because all three ladies are extremely nice and know how to shape my brows to near perfection, however, there has to be a give and take here.
I wanted to see the other threading facilities in the FiDi. I could not seem to get a chance to go to the one near my house, so I decided to do my research (again) before I went to my go-to spot next to my work. I looked through Palasa's site, read the Yelp reviews and watched the news clip of the shop on the news; even after I made my appointment.
Priti is beyond awesome! She did a gorgeous job on my brows, including an area to help grow my brows a little bit thicker and to produce a stronger arch. I was really happy that she educated me on my choice of skin care that I am using because she noticed my skin which tends to break out a lot. I bought the recommended facial cleanser and moisturizer products to try out for the next few days before I go back for another appointment to treat myself to her Christmas special pricing facial to give me that glow!
Totally excited to have found a new go-to place!
Jamie. L... Oakland... CA

Oct 10th, 2009
My boyfriend and I went to Palasa for eyebrow threading. I am very sensitive skinned, and my boyfriend has shag carpet style eyebrows (don't tell him I said;) She did a beautiful job on both of us. No pain... it actually feels kind of cool! She then did a eyebrow tint for me... total spent: $28 plus tip for two threadings and a tint. WTF! She is worth way more then that, so give her a nice tip!
She is very personable, professional and fast. I found her after i tried to go to Hair touch on balboa for threading... they quoted me $200... which is why I will never set foot on that place. I will happily pay Priti $15 per thread (which is her normal price, I got the special) ... I doubt you can find anyone better than her in SF, especially for the price. Go Here. You will not be sorry!
Andrea S...Portland...OR